"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of August 7 through 11 reveal that there will be plenty of drama in Salem for fans to enjoy. Abigail has finally woken up, and the first person she will see is her ex-husband, Chad DiMera. Abby and Chad have a lot to talk about and a lot to sort out when it comes to their very messy relationship. However, Chad will just be happy to see Abigail awake and alive.

Chad & Abigail together again?

Chad likely won't be able to help himself he'll have to finally reveal to everyone that he is still in love with Abigail.

However, this won't mean good news for poor Gabi, who has been hurt by Chad more times than viewers can count. A reunion is in the works for "Chabby," and "DOOL" fans are counting down the days until they're together again.

The race to save Kayla

Meanwhile, the Johnson family will be in crisis mode. Tripp currently has Kayla at knife point and believes that she is the person who killed his biological mother, Ava. Steve figured out that Tripp was the person who was setting up Kayla at the hospital, and now things have gone from bad to worse with the family. While Steve will try to defuse the situation, it looks like Joey may be the only person who can save his mother. Will "Days of our Lives" fans finally see him confess that he was the one who killed Ava?

Later in the week, Tripp will secretly decide to leave Salem, but will he stay away for good?

The new Marlena and Adrienne hit Salem

All the while, another prison break is in the works. This time, Hattie, as Marlena, will break Bonnie Lockhart out of jail and set the plan in motion for her to switch places with her look alike, Adrienne Kiriakis.

Angelica will be in on the switcharoo, and Hattie will assume Marlena's life as Bonnie takes over Adrienne's world. Both women will ditch their current loves, John Black and Lucas Horton, and then move on to phase two of their plans. It looks like there could be some comic relief in this "Days of Our Lives" storyline.

Sonny and Victor's shocking storyline

While all of this is happening, Sonny will learn that Victor may have been the person who hired the hit on Deimos. Sonny will likely be shocked that his own uncle is letting him be charged with murder, and won't believe the news when Paul tells him. Meanwhile, Victor will make a shocking confession to his grandson Brady, but Brady has other things on his mind, such as Nicole and Eric's relationship.

The love triangle continues

While Brady has turned into a jealous and un-trusting boyfriend when it comes to his relationship with Nicole, it's a bit justified. Nicole and Eric have been sneaking around and even lying to Brady for weeks, and it doesn't seem like this "Days of our Lives" love triangle will end well for anyone involved. Tune into "DOOL" weekday afternoons on NBC to see it all go down.