The Couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced earlier today, August 7, 2017, on their social media accounts that after trying for a long time, they are disappointed to announce their separation. The couple had been featured on a lot of events lately, the most recent being Chris Pratt's movie premiere "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" and celebration of Pratt's own Hollywood star, fans are swooning over their love for each other. So it came quite a shock that the couple is separating. Let us look back on the couple's love story over the years.

The beginning

Anna and Chris first met on the set of their first movie together "Take Me Home Tonight" in 2007. Anna was still married to her first husband at that time and Chris admitted that he made his intention known only after Anna's separation. The couple later got engaged in 2008 and finally got married on July 9, 2009. The couple had been further involved together in a couple of movies such as "What's Your Number?" in 2011 and "Movie 43" in 2013.

The middle

Chris had then starred in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the couple had recently appeared more on interviews and both were very happy describing their marriage and their son. Fans have celebrated the couples' devotion to one another and funny remarks on gifts.

It was known that Chris gave Anna a new engagement ring in December 2016 as noticed during the premier of Pratt's movie "Passengers" and it was quite the stunner. After being asked about the ring, Anna said she's incredibly lucky to have Pratt.

The end (sort of)

I know it may seem gloomy, but earlier today the couple announced in their social media the most horrible news about their disappointment on separating after being married for 8 years.

The couple posted a short message on Facebook and on Instagram about their work on being together but can no longer continue their marriage. They also gave importance on their son's welfare saying his son has two parents who love him very much and that for the sake of their boy, they want to make the situation as private as possible.

Further, the couple said that they still love one another and will cherish their time together as husband and wife and will continue to have their mutual respect for one another. After the announcement, fans have definitely expressed their emotions regarding the news and a lot of them are saying that there's no "forever" in love. Well, no matter what, we can only pray the smooth transition of the process and hope for their family's peace in this difficult time.