"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the end of the current week reveal that Tripp (Lucas Adams) will continue to be up to no good. Steve's long lost, recently found, son will continue to plot his revenge against his step-mother, Kayla Brady-Johnson, whom he believes murdered his biological mother, Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun).

Tripp's revenge plan gets dangerous

Tripp wants Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to pay the price for what she did. However, he doesn't know that Kayla is actually innocent, and it was his own half-brother, Joey, whom he's been getting very close to, who actually killed his mother.

However, Tripp's revenge plan will lead to some serious consequences for all involved, and "DOOL" fans can expect to see the plot turn dangerous in the near future.

Chad and Abigail are headed back to each other

Meanwhile, the saga of Chad and Abigail will continue. Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) will find out that Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) made it through her life saving surgery, and will be encouraged by the fact that she seems to be on the mend. However, the entire ordeal has forced Chad to see the truth behind Abby's marriage to Dario, and the face his feelings for his ex-wife. Sadly, this means that Gabi will likely soon be out in the cold again when it comes to her relationship with Chad.

However, "Days Of Our Lives" seems to be subtly pushing Gabi and JJ back onto each other's radars, so "DOOL" fans could see a reunion of "Chabby" and "Jabi" very soon.

Will Chad confess to murder?

However, Chad's heavy heart won't be completely gone. He has recently learned that Dario had photographic evidence that could prove he is the one who killed Deimos Kiriakis.

Theo (Kyler Petis) claimed to have deleted all existence of the photograph, but Chad now knows that Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) is behind bars for a crime that he may not have committed, and he'll want to do the right thing and confess to the Salem police. "Days of our Lives" viewers will see Chad mull over the decision to talk to police, but his first priority will be Abigail's condition.

Love triangle drama in Salem

The end of the week will also bring more love triangle drama to "DOOL," as the Eric/Nicole/Brady situation heats up. Brady will find out that Nicole has been lying to him, and things will quickly escalate between the couple. It seems that a big blow up will be coming for the "Days of our Lives" fan favorites, and fans will be there to see it all go down. Will this be the end of Nicole and Brady, and a new beginning for her and Eric?