Blake Shelton is famous for many things including being Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband, his wins on The Voice, his country music, and now for being Gwen Stefani’s beau. And let us not forget he can make people laugh by guesting in other shows. New reports are now making the rounds that Stefani and Shelton are already engaged.

Gwen Stefani engaged to Blake Shelton?

Several tabloids are reporting that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are already engaged. However, the couple who met on the set of “The Voice” is reportedly trying to take things slow in their relationship.

The couple has been open about their relationship since late 2015 after a series of multiple accusations of the two getting very close.

It all started back when Shelton had trouble in Paradise Island with then-wife, Miranda Lambert. Later on, a new judge comes to town who is prominent for being the lead singer of “No Doubt” along with her then-husband, Gavin Rossdale – to serve as a mentor for her newly acquainted team. Friendships emerged between the set of judges including Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton before the show ended. And then the divorces came and it hit both judges. Another season of "The Voice" premiered, and so as their relationship.

The couple did not really announce their status in an instant due to their divorces and circumstances that happened simultaneously.

In fact, this might just be the connection they had to have to meet each other. To add suspense to their blossoming love story, sources are emerging that the pair is indeed making bigger plans.

The idea may have sparked due to their seemingly great relationship that even fans think they are each other’s soulmate. Plus, Shelton is reported to have a great relationship with all of Stefani’s kids: Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.

To support the fact that Shelton is developing a great bond with them, they have been spotted in Disneyland and on fishing trips.

Stefani exposes her beautiful body

Well, Shelton may have a name for himself but the country singer is obviously head over heels when it comes to his girlfriend, Stefani. Even the others think so.

After all, the musician is a mother of three future-rock-star kids but her face and body do not imply any hint of it.

According to Hollywood Life, the 47-year-old actress showed up on a beach in California, looking great with toned abs, which blends with her black bikini. Additionally, the rock star looked like she is having the time of her life even without Blake in sight.

Even though the Blake Shelton is not yet a father, this seemed like the last test for him to decide if he is going to have his own family soon. And would not that be great if it is with Gwen Stefani? Is the wedding going to come first or the baby? Let us hope for something great out of these two.