"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that fans are about to get a major blast from the past. While characters often come and go, this character hasn't been seen on the NBC Soap Opera in nearly ten years. According to Soap Hub, Stefano DiMera's former evil scientist, Dr. Rolf, is returning to the show, but why? Rolf is said to be making his first appearance this fall, and the timing of his return raises many questions.

What will bring Dr. Rolf back to Salem?

According to the report, Dr. Rolf has performance some seriously insane procedures in the past for the late Stefano Dimera, and this time he may outdo himself.

Dr. Rolf's return date just so happens to coincide with the return of Will Horton and Sami Brady to "Days of our Lives."

Could Dr. Rolf be the one responsible for bringing Will back from the dead? It's a possibility for sure. However, the evil genius might also be the one who could bring back EJ DiMera.

Are multiple characters returning from the dead this fall?

As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, EJ DiMera was killed off of the soap in 2014 after he was murdered by one of Clyde Weston's thugs in the park. Fans mourned the loss of the favorite fan character but were given hope that he would someday return to Salem. After EJ's death, his father, Stefano DiMera, sent his sister Kristen to the morgue to inject his body with an unknown substance.

Later, Stefano was seen confirming that he had moved EJ's body and replaced it with a different corpse to be cremated for his wife, Sami Brady. When Alison Sweeney's character returned to the show a year later evidence was revealed that EJ may still be alive. Sami went off to chase after some leads, and came up short, or did she?

When Sami returns to the show this fall, she will be getting her son, Will Horton back. However, she may also be getting her husband returned to her from the dead as well.

Is EJ headed back home to Sami?

Rumors have been flying that the character of EJ DiMera may have been recast and that he'll be heading back to Salem in the very near future.

While nothing has been confirmed, the storyline would be huge for the NBC soap opera, and ratings would be sure to rise if and when EJ did make a return to the show, even if the role wasn't isn't played by actor James Scott. Newly leaked spoilers and audition videos have "Days of our Lives" fans more excited than ever about the future of the show. The new storyline could be just what the show needs to land some higher ratings.