Fans have been itching for a new "Ash vs Evil Dead" season 3 update for quite some time, and it seems like new revelations are finally here. The upcoming season is about to show a new plot that further deepens the story revolving around Ash and his "deadite-"hunting team.

Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless reveal major plot details

A recent interview with B-movie legend and the star of the series, Bruce Campbell, disclosed all that is expected on the upcoming show. According to Campbell, his character, Ash Williams, will be seen enjoying his life in his home town of Elk Grove, as the new owner of his late father Brock's hardware store.

The "Evil Dead" movie star further reveals that Ash's aim of "living the dream" does not last very long as things start turning bad once again. Furthermore, he noted in the interview that it is going to be much more brutal than any of the previous episodes.

Is Ash not prophecized to lead the team?

The exclusive interview also featured Lucy Lawless, who plays the role of Ruby Knowby in the famous TV series by Starz. While fans think of Williams is destined to demolish evil, Lawless hinted that someone else might be given that huge responsibility. According to her: " It’s not Ash, but I need him in order to produce a new candidate. I need a little somethin’ from him.” Fans may feel their head spinning after hearing such a revelation.

But, anything can happen in this spell-binding and gory TV show that we love to watch.

The show's season 2 hinted that Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) may be the ideal candidate for taking the leader's spot in their team. Lawless shared her views in the interview that her character Ruby may have a healthy relationship in the previous installment, but it will come to an end in the next one.

What about Pablito?

Who can forget the awkward-looking but courageous shaman called Pablito? He too possesses impressive skills that are pretty helpful in the team's battle against deadites. But, it is quite unlikely that he has leadership qualities. Maybe the Necronomicon did bring out the best in him, which will enable him to be a reliable ally in season 3.

The "Ash vs Evil Dead" season 3 release date is still not out yet, but Starz noted that the show had been delayed for a release in early 2018. The epic horror adventure in the upcoming season will show more craziness and horror in Ash's life, which fans definitely will not be able to resist.