"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the week reveal that there will be a lot going on in Salem. There will be love triangles, kidnapping, sadness, couples drama, and devilish plans. On Tuesday, "DOOL" viewers will see all of the above thanks to characters like Angelica, Marlena, Hattie, Adrienne, Bonnie, John, Eric, Nicole, and Brady. Don't forget to set your DVRs for this episode!

History repeating itself?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Nicole is making mistake after mistake in her life, per usual. The fan favorite character is already in over her head when it comes to her love life as she's dating Brady Black, but has been sneaking around with his step-brother, Eric Brady.

Nicole and Eric have a long history together, and have been in love for years. However, after Eric drove drunk and caused the accident that killed Nicole's fiance, Dr. Daniel Jonas, there relationship changed. Now, Nicole has forgiven Eric, and it seems some old feelings are resurfacing. Meanwhile, she's been lying to Brady about seeing Eric after work hours.

Nicole is playing with fire

This week, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see Nicole make yet another mistake when she decides that she must have a look at her baby daughter, Holly, who is currently in the foster care system. Nicole was ordered to keep herself out of trouble and follow the rules of the court for a period of two months before she was allowed to have Holly back.

Now, she's risking it all by trying to get too close to Holly, and it could cost her everything. Meanwhile, Brady is still raging with jealousy over Nicole and Eric's relationship. Brady will grow increasingly suspicious and will take a toll on him.

Marlena's nightmare

All the while, John Black and Eric Brady will get a bit worried about the whereabouts of Dr.

Marlena Evans. John returned home from his trip to Greece in hopes of reuniting with the love of his life. Instead, he found an empty house. John has been trying to get in contact with his "Doc," but he can't seem to find her anywhere. He'll get so worried that he and Eric will visit the Salem police department to file a missing persons report on Marlena.

However, as "Days of our Lives" fans know, Marlena is being held prisoner in a psychiatric hospital thanks her to her doppelganger Hattie Adams. Hattie drugged and kidnapped Marlena and then impersonated her in order to lock her away.

Hattie dumps John, moves on to Roman

Now, Hattie is living Marlena's best life, and she's got big plans. Hattie will call of the relationship with John and move on to Roman, whom she's been crushing on. Hattie living as Marlena should be interesting to watch, and her scenes with Roman should give longtime "Days of our Lives" fans major nostalgia of when Marlena and Roman were one of Salem's hottest super couples.

Angelica and Bonnie meet

Also happening in Salem, Angelica continues her scheme to get close to Justin.

This means that she'll need Bonnie Lockhart to get on board with her plan of taking over Adrienne's life and getting her out of the picture so that she and Justin can get close again. Bonnie will do much of what Hattie will, and end the relationship with Lucas Horton. "Days of our Lives" fans may love or hate this storyline, but it will be bringing some comedy to the NBC soap.