"Days of our Lives" coming and goings reveal that two very big soap opera names are coming to Salem in the near future. As "DOOL" fans may already know, a blast from the past and a brand new actor are set to appear on the NBC soap very soon, and viewers are getting excited about what they're arrival could bring.

Welcome back to Salem Vivian Alamain

Actress Louis Sorel, who has appeared many, many times on "Days Of Our Lives" is returning to reprise her former character, Vivian Alamain. The actress was last seen on "DOOL" in 2011 and is known for always bringing big drama with her every time she arrives in Salem.

Viewers may remember that in the past, Vivian has been the evil mastermind behind schemes such as stealing Victor Kiriakis and Kate Roberts' embryo, leading to Viv giving birth to their son, Philip. She also buried her enemy, Carly Manning, alive and taunted and tortured her for days as she lies dying in a coffin six feet below the ground before Bo Brady saved her in the nick of time.

Tyler Christopher joins the cast of 'DOOL'

Meanwhile, former "General Hospital" actor Tyler Christopher has also been confirmed to be joining the cast of "Days of our Lives" later this year. The actor is a soap opera vet, and fans are excited to find out exactly what role he may be playing. While rumors are flying, it seems that fans believe Christopher will be put in one of two roles.

Either he'll be playing Vivian's beloved nephew Nikki Alamain or a recast of the fan favorite character EJ DiMera.

Nikki Alamain returning?

As many "Days of Our Lives," fans may remember, Nikki Alamain is the son of Carly Manning but was raised by Vivian throughout his childhood. Nikki left Salem in 1993 with his parents Carly and Lawrence.

However, he returned six years later with Vivian and helped her plot revenge against Stefano DiMera. Nikki then met Kate Roberts and started a love affair with her. Nikki wanted to engage in a committed relationship with Kate, but she didn't want him in that way. He left Salem heartbroken. He re-emerged in 2011 when he returned to Salem to visit Carly in rehab and meet his newly discovered half-sister, Melanie Jonas.

Later that year, Nikki left Salem with his mother and sister to move to Europe.

EJ DiMera recast happening?

Meanwhile, if Tyler Christopher is playing a recast of EJ DiMera, things are about to get heated in Salem! As "Days of Our Lives" fans know, EJ was killed off back in 2014 by one of Clyde Weston's thugs. However, after a sad goodbye with his wife Sami Brady, EJ's body was injected with a mystery substance by Kristen DiMera. Later, EJ's father, Stefano revealed that he had taken the body somewhere, and nothing else was ever mentioned about it. When Sami returned to Salem later, she told her mother, Marlena, that she believed EJ was still alive and that she planned to prove it. Since actress Alison Sweeney is set to make a small return to "DOOL" as Sami Brady later this year, fans believe that EJ DiMera may not be far behind.