It has been confirmed that David Tennant will be returning to the show "Jessica Jones" for its second season and will be reprising the role of the evil villain Kilgrave. Fans are excited to hear that Tennant will be returning to the series and are wondering how his character will be reintroduced as he has killed in the season one finale. There has been no confirmed release date for the second season of "Jessica Jones."

The villain Kilgrave is set to return in some capacity on the show

According to io9, despite the fact that Jessica Jones finally managed to kill evil villain Kilgrave during the season one finale, it has been confirmed that Tennant will be reprising his role on the show.

Fans were first introduced to Kilgrave throughout the first season of "Jessica Jones" as the mind-controlling villain.

In the season finale, "Jessica Jones" grew immune to the villain's mind controlling powers and used her own abilities to snap his neck instantly killing him. Fans are confused as to how Kilgrave will return however, there have been rumors that Jessica will be coming to terms with being mind controlled in Season 2 and that Kilgrave may feature in flashbacks or as a figment of her imagination.

Not a lot of information has been shared about the second season of the show but a photograph of David Tennant on the set of "Jessica Jones" has confirmed his return. Some fans have latched onto the theory that The Hand will bring Kilgrave's character back from the dead.

However, this is merely speculation and until the series launches the reason for Kilgrave's return will not be explained.

The showrunner for 'Jessica Jones' spoke about her plans for season 2 of the show

According to Gamespot the show runner for "Jessica Jones" Melissa Rosenberg has opened up about her plans for season 2 of the hit Netflix show.

She stated that she learned from her work on the TV show "Dexter" not to let the character be cured and has expressed that it makes for a better story if they are left dealing with the aftermath of their struggles.

Rosenberg also shared that the trauma that Jessica suffered is going to be a large part of her story in season 2.

She stated that Jessica was already traumatized before Kilgrave appeared. Rosenberg explained that people do not simply heal from the trauma's that they have been through in life and that Jessica will be left dealing with the events of her past in a season two.

The release date for the second season of "Jessica Jones" has not been confirmed but fans are excited about the series return.