David Mueller has been found guilty of sexual assault in the recent trial against Taylor Swift. The singer brought the former DJ to court and stated that he had grabbed her backside when they took a photograph together backstage after her 2013 concert. Mueller has since appeared on "Good Morning America" and given an interview stating that he was innocent and that the singer lied to win the court case.

Mueller sat down for his first interview since the trial ended

According to Rolling Stone, former DJ David Mueller sat down for his first interview since he was found guilty of sexually assaulting Taylor Swift at her concert in 2013.

Mueller has expressed that he is innocent and that the jury made a rush decision and did not take enough time to consider the facts.

David Mueller appeared on "Good Morning American" where he clearly stated that he did not do what Taylor Swift said he did. He claimed that the star was lying because he had filed a lawsuit against her and her mother in 2015. The judge also threw out this lawsuit as he stated Mueller had not provided enough evidence that Swift was responsible for the loss of Mueller's job.

The former DJ claims that he did not sexually assault Swift and that he would pass a polygraph if he were given one. He also explained that all he wanted was for Swift to write a note stating that there was a misunderstanding between the pair, which he could use to try to get a job in the future.

Mueller stated that the photograph was not enough evidence for him to be named guilty

According to Entertainment Tonight, David Mueller stated that the photograph which was provided as evidence in the court room was not enough for him to receive a guilty verdict. He stated that the photograph does not show that he assaulted Taylor Swift in any way as she claims that Mueller reached under her skirt and grabbed her backside.

David Mueller's attorney previously stated that Mueller touched the singer's ribs as he rushed to get into the photograph. Mueller stated that there was barely any time to get the shot and that he fell slightly to the side as he entered causing his closed fist to graze the singer's ribs.

In a report from GMA, Mueller stated that he was not initially invited into the photograph with his then girlfriend and Taylor Swift.

He claimed that he simply tried to move into the shot in the best way that he could which resulted in a weird and awkward photograph.

There has been no comment from Taylor Swift about David Mueller's claims and fans are certain that the former DJ is simply trying to repair his reputation.