Actress Courteney Cox's teenage daughter Coco has decided she is all about the celebrity lifestyle. Coco wants to become the next Hollywood teen sensation, following her famous parents' (Courteney Cox and David Arquette) footsteps into acting.

Coco Arquette wants to be a star

It doesn't come as a huge surprise that Coco, now 13-years-old, is ready to dip her toes into the acting pool. Over the decades, the children of famous parents have often followed behind their parents and embarked on successful careers in Hollywood of their own. So far, young Coco Arquette has starred in two music videos.

It doesn't seem that many years ago that MTV fans were watching Courteney dancing on stage alongside Bruce Springsteen. Like mother, like daughter.

Courteney and Coco like mother, like daughter

Coco recently wowed fans earlier this year by starring in the music video by Foy Vance titled "Coco." The song was written by Snow Patrol band member Vance, a close pal of Courteney's current boyfriend, Johnny McDaid.

More recently, Coco starred in the "Wild" music video for MONOGEM. Fans needn't worry about young Coco getting caught up in Hollywood at such a young age because her mom is standing close at all times to keep her in check. In fact, Courteney is even working alongside her daughter by directing the video.

It's a fun time for the mother/daughter duo who seem to really enjoy working together.

Over the past few years, Coco has worked alongside both mom and dad, first with Cox on "Cougar Town" then later with dad David in the film "Just Before I Go." So far it appears that Coco has what it takes. However, she is really young and has a lot of life before her.

If Coco does decide to pursue acting as a full-time gig, it would be very cool to perhaps one day see her starring in a "Friends" reboot as Monica and Chandler's daughter. She could move back to NYC to go to college for a "Friends" spinoff show. Who knows, but maybe Joey or Phoebe will even own Central Perk? It is no secret that "Friends" fans have been begging the former cast for a reunion show in any form.

There have been numerous rumors throughout the years about possible reunions. However, there have also been many reports from the former stars that the likelihood of a "Friends" reunion taking place is unlikely.

Do you believe Coco Arquette is going to be the next big thing as a teen celebrity? What are your thoughts about a "Friends" spinoff series or reunion?