Is there a "Friends" spin-off in the works? Actress Lisa Kudrow is reportedly currently in talks with "Friends" creator Marta Kauffman about a new "Friends" spin-off project focusing on the life of Phoebe Buffay.

Life after the 'Friends' finale

In Touch reports that an insider claims that Lisa Kudrow, 53, has been in meetings with Kauffman and that the two are tossing about some interesting and hilarious ideas for story lines for the potential spin-off. Well, it is claimed that the show would focus on Phoebe's life years after the gang from Central Perk all headed off in their separate ways.

What happened after Phoebe and Mike married?

The source reveals that in the spin-off Phoebe would be settling into life as a divorced woman living in New York and adjusting to rebuilding her life after her split from Mike. While the show would be mainly about Phoebe, it would be expected from time to time that she would be interacting with her "Friends" and cameos from the other cast members is highly likely.

Wouldn't it be great if Phoebe could get the gang all together for one of their epic Thanksgiving dinners? Imagine seeing Monica and Chandler's twins with Ben and Emma, (Phoebe's children?) and maybe the triplets taking on the gang in a classic game of touch football for the Gellar Cup.

It would also give Phoebe a chance to meet some new friends and reminisce about the days spent in Monica's apartment giving all us "Friends" lovers some updates on what has been happening in the lives of Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel, and Joey.

This would be very exciting news for fans who have been hoping for something like this. It also rebuilds hope that one day we may actually see the "Friends" gang all coming together for that long-desired reunion.

“It would be an epic TV moment. If there’s anyone that can make that happen, it’s Lisa," the source told In Touch.

Lisa Kudrow is a great actress and even a show about Phoebe alone would be hilarious. It would be great to see just how Phoebe Buffay is, and what happened between her and Mike and if the two ever had any children of their own.

Phoebe as a mother would be interesting to see. It is wondered though if the potential spin-off would be an idea that is being considered by Netflix considering that Kaufman is currently working on the streaming sites hit show "Frankie and Grace?" Perhaps even Netflix and the "Friends" gang could discuss a project similar to the recent "Gilmore Girls" reboot of last November?

What are your thoughts would you be interested in watching a "Friends" spin-off about Phoebe?