There was much excitement in Orange, Ma. last week after filming began for the Hulu series “Castle Rock.” The 10-episode show will be based on stories and characters written by horror author Stephen King.

Orange becomes 'Castle Rock'

The town was selected some months ago to be the location of the fictional town, featured in many of King’s novels and stories. As reported by MassLive, extras were auditioned in Orange during July to feature in the series, which will be starring Andre Holland, Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard (of “It” fame), Melanie Lynskey and Jane Levy.

According to the report, traffic in the center of town was rerouted Tuesday and Wednesday while the “Castle Rock” filmmakers made a variety of “street shots” for the series. Reportedly portions of the series will be shot in Orange, while other locations will also be used in Maine. While filming was ongoing, residents were still allowed to walk around the center of town, although they were occasionally stopped briefly, so as not to interfere with a particular shot.

Apparently, most locals took the disruption and excitement well with no real complaints.

In fact, the town’s Police Department posted an image of a building displaying a “Castle Rock Police Department” sign to their Facebook page, despite being asked by filmmakers not to photograph or take video of any of the set, as reported by the Recorder.

Miller's River Café in Orange was pleased to tweet that their premises had turned into Riverside B-B-Q for the series.

For the moment the town is back to normal, but they expect the “Castle Rock” filmmakers back at a later date, which has not yet been announced.

‘Castle Rock’ will not come from the pen of Stephen King

Speaking of the series, Screen Rant noted that King himself won’t be writing any of the episodes for the upcoming “Castle Rock.” However, the horror author reportedly said he completely trusts J.J. Abrams with the script.

While fans will no doubt be disappointed King is not involved in the writing, the author did say in a recent interview that he is in contact with Abrams. He said they had chatted about a couple of interesting ideas and added that at least one of his Castle Rock-related stories will feature in the series.

King went on to joke that it was like sending your kids to college, saying you’ve raised them right and hopefully they won’t get into any trouble, but that sometimes they do anyway.

Unlike other King TV adaptations, the show is set to air original stories based on King’s original work, but hints of the classic characters and stories will crop up throughout the series.