Corinne Olympios is a 24-year-old reality TV star from Miami, FL. She first appeared on television during Season 21 of "The Bachelor." On the show, Corinne was competing with several other women to get the final rose and a proposal from Nick Viall. She made it far but was sent home during Week 8, leaving just three women left to try and win Nick's love.

Like many former "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" contestants do, Corinne was ready to try for love again, this time on the show "Bachelor in Paradise." This time around, however, Corinne didn't make it so far.

She, along with the entire cast and crew, was sent home after a scandal took place on the set.

The shut down of Season 4

Season 4 of "Bachelor in Paradise" began filming at a beautiful resort in Mexico in early June. After hours of heavy drinking, Corrine and DeMario Jackson made their way to the pool area for a make out session. Jackson, a 30-year-old executive recruiter from Los Angeles, was one of the most recent men sent home from the current season of "The Bachelorette."

While the duo was in the pool, one of the producers believed that Corinne and DeMario were way too intoxicated to know what they were doing. The producer felt like there was no way Corinne could give consent to the sexual actions taking place because she was inebriated.

The producer filed a complaint and Warner Bros. decided to suspend the production of "Bachelor in Paradise." Everyone on the cast and crew of the reality show was sent home while an investigation took place. Warner Bros. determined that no misconduct took place and decided to resume filming towards the end of June. Neither Corinne or DeMario returned to Mexico to continue filming.

The first live interview

Corinne has not done any television interviews in regards to the "Bachelor in Paradise" incident. It seems like she is finally ready to open up and discuss what really took place on the set of "Bachelor in Paradise." Corinne's first live interview will take place on Tuesday, August 29. The exclusive interview will air on the popular ABC morning show "Good Morning America," (GMA).

Corinne is no stranger to the morning talk show. She appeared on "Good Morning America" back in February after Bachelor Nick sent her home. In an interview with "GMA" host Micheal Strahan, Corinne talked about how she was heartbroken and blindsided when Nick eliminated her. Her interview on Tuesday morning is sure to be one that will create a lot of buzz.