One of this generation’s most-watched CW and TV series is Netflix’s original series “Riverdale.”

In line with that, the on-screen partnership between Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) might have gone beyond the screens on our televisions, with the alleged rumors that the two are indeed dating in real life.

Despite not having confirmed or denied the relationship, how true could it possibly be?

Is Cole Sprouse Really Dating Lily Reinhart?

The chemistry between Jughead and Betty in “Riverdale” is beyond undeniable, especially given the combination of a dark mysterious high school boy and a girl who might be struggling with her own internal demons.

With today’s generation, that is definitely one way to spice up a romantic storyline in the series. However, it seems like the couple’s chemistry goes way beyond the script and the show’s storyline.

There have been insistent allegations that Sprouse, who plays the role of Jughead is dating his own Betty (Lili Reinhart) in real life.

The alleged couple has been spotted in many romantic moments during behind the scenes, guest appearances and the like. However, neither one has ever confirmed their blossoming relationship.

Sprouse has also been known to be fond of photography, and in many instances has he used Reinhart as the subject of his portfolio, which has sent their fans crazy and hoping.

Sprouse Spotted Out On A Date With Reinhart?

According to Just Jared, the alleged couple was spotted on a movie date in Vancouver just last weekend. It is safe to say that the two might just be out on a friendly movie date, but there is definitely more to it than what meets the eye.

There were no public displays of affection, but the two were seen having such a great time together.

After the movie was over, they immediately rushed outside since they have been recognized, and the crowd has gotten more chaotic than expected.

Even though they have yet to deny or confirm their relationship, their public appearances have definitely kept the hopes of their fans all the way up, yearning that they will someday admit to the love that they have shared behind the cameras of “Riverdale.”

There is still a lot more to their story, especially to their fans who have been very sensitive in getting every clue possible to their relationship.

Nevertheless, dating in real life or not, they are two of the most shipped couples in today’s famous running TV series.

There may be a lot more that needs to be confirmed, and yet the fans are definitely not giving up on their “shipped” couple.