Married couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been considered as what this generation identifies as “couple goals” given how adorable they are together.

They have an amazing family and love that is so pure in the world of Hollywood where there are so many pretentious beings.

However, some may have been misled of how Lively said in a certain interview that she is madly in love with Reynolds “Most Of The Time.” What did she really mean?

Relationship being envied by many

It cannot be denied how adorable Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds are together.

They are both individually attractive and amusing, and putting them together just fills more fire into their beings

It can be recalled how in the past interviews, Reynolds has expressed his love for his wife and their children, showing how much of a family man he is even though he is full of so much humor during interviews. His wife, Lively on the other hand has always been so enamored of her husband as well.

Having trouble in paradise?

Much like everybody else, their love story is no fairy tale either, and they also share their ups and downs in the relationship. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage or a perfect relationship, and despite how adorable they are together, they are no exception to the rule.

According to Time, in a recent interview, Lively said that she is madly in love with her husband “most of the time,” to which sends worries to their avid fans. However, it has been assured that there is no trouble in paradise, just a normal husband and wife going through what everybody else does in a relationship.

Despite having said that, Lively had more sweet and wonderful things to say about Reynolds, which should take back the worries of an alleged problem in their marriage.

The actress immediately explained why she said “most of the time,” assuring the public that her life is not perfect and no one should deem it as such. She is happy and madly in love with her husband and their kids, and that is more than enough.

The actress also talked about how Reynolds shares about their family life on social media in such hilarious moments.

She admits that he runs them by her most of the time to make her laugh, and is very much in love with him when he does.

As for the dynamic of their relationship, they simply treat each other as best buddies, which make it all the more ideal. There is definitely so much love between the two, and there is nothing that the fans should be worried about.

There is so much love between the two, and there is nothing that the fans should be worried about.