With the second season of “Stranger Things” premiering on Netflix this October, the Duffer Brothers confirmed that the third season of the much-awaited series is on the way.

They also said that they plan a four-season series and then it’s the end, which confirms that there is a possibility of a fourth season. Now, not only the series itself has become the thriller, but the trailers and the possibilities of the coming seasons as well.

Season 3 confirmed

The Duffer Brothers said in an interview with Vulture that they wanted to push things a bit compared to the first season.

They said that like any good movie, the part two is always something bigger than the previous, which is why they are trying to develop the story further.

In another interview, David Harbour, police chief Jim Hopper in the series, also seemingly confirmed that there will be “Stranger Things” season 3.

Harbour also spoke about how it was on their set as well as the benefits of working with the young cast members. He teased and said that in both season 2 and 3 of the series, viewers will see the young actors grow up.

This only goes to show that there would be a lot to watch out for in the coming seasons. Not only does it confirm what would happen afterward, but it also says a lot about how different the pacing and the approach of the story will be.

Definitely, it will be something to watch out for in the coming months and years.

What would happen next?

There’s plenty of time to speculate now that there’s only two months before the premiere of the second season.

However, regardless of what will happen in “Stranger Things” season 3, it is safe to assume that the adventures of the Hawking A.V.

Club will go on. And although season 2 hasn’t come out yet, having “Stranger Things” season 3 makes perfect sense. The creators of the popular Netflix series released a poster seemingly embracing nostalgia whilst creating something new.

Now, the fans of “Stranger Things” should not only get excited because the second season is on the way, but also because the third season is no longer a rumor.

The Duffer Brothers said in the same interview that they are not sure whether they can justify that something bad happens to the characters once a year, but nonetheless they want to keep the story evolving.

What happens next will remain a mystery until more information is revealed, and of course, until the first episode of season two drops on Netflix in October.