While Rumors abound that John David Duggar, the second eldest Duggar son, is in a courtship with a woman living in Texas, fans have also been discussing Jana Duggar's dating status. At 27-years-old, the eldest Duggar daughter has not yet announced a courtship, which is incredibly rare for a Duggar daughter. The girls in their family begin dating and getting married around 18 or 19, and many often have children almost immediately after tying the knot. While rumors of Jana dating a series of men have flourished on the Internet, there has yet to be an announcement, and some think that the eldest Duggar daughter simply isn't interested in courtship.

Is Michelle Duggar reluctant to let her go?

On Duggar forums and websites, the eldest Duggar girls, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, were often referred to as the J'Slaves, particularly because they were so integral to child rearing and helping get chores done around the house. With Jill, Jessa, Jinger and now Joy-Anna married and living with their husbands, some speculate that Michelle Duggar is reluctant to let Jana go and live somewhere else because she helps so much around the house. Michelle has posted photos of a garden Jana tends to, which is positively magical, and many have suspected that losing Jana as the second mother of the house would create a whole new set of issues.

Is Jana interested in women?

Rumors have swirled from time-to-time that Jana Duggar hasn't been courting because she is actually a lesbian. According to a source close to the Duggar family, Jana does seem to prefer the company of women to men, which doesn't necessarily mean that the "Counting On" star is gay. Instead, it could mean that she prefers to live the single life surrounded by her girlfriends instead of doting on a male partner.

It was never expressly stated by the source (as quoted on The Hollywood Gossip) that Jana is gay, only that her parents are hoping to hide the fact that she has so many female relationships so as not to bring on gossip that Jana could be interested in women.

Would she prefer the single life?

Some speculate that the 27-year-old might actually prefer the single life, especially after raising her parents' children and being their right-hand woman for so long. After so many years and having so many children in her care, it only makes sense that Jana might want to have a life that has nothing to do with marriage and child rearing.