Chelsea DeBoer recently celebrated her birthday and many of her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars and her fans reached out to her to congratulate her on the big day. Chelsea had already planned that she was going to be spending the day alone with Watson, as she had been doing every other day and taking care of him at home. But her husband Cole had another plan in mind. Even though Cole wasn't feeling well, he decided to call in sick for work and then made sure Aubree was also home with them.

In other words, Chelsea had her entire family with her, even though she was expecting to spend it alone.

It sounds like this family is truly coming together despite rumors that Chelsea is neglecting her daughter after Watson was born. It sounds like Cole is going above and beyond to make sure that Chelsea is doing well, even though she has managed to handle herself for years.

Private person

According to her Twitter account, Chelsea DeBoer was excited that she would be spending time with her husband and her children.

No word on whether Cole had planned anything for them, as he wasn't feeling very well. It sounds like she was just happy. DeBoer is the kind of person who doesn't share everything with her "Teen Mom 2" fans on social media. She's often very private and it makes sense, considering some of the comments that fans write to her sometimes.

Harsh comments

Over the past couple of weeks, Chelsea has received some mean comments in regards to her daughter Aubree. The first comment she received was from a fan who believed that her daughter was gaining weight. The fans called Aubree for ‘pudgy’ and some fans decided to stand up for Chelsea. They quickly jumped to Chelsea's defense, writing but there was nothing wrong with Aubree and she was more beautiful than ever.

In another instance, another follower wrote to Chelsea that she needed to watch how Cole was with Aubree as she labeled his actions as "inappropriate." DeBoer didn't respond to this comment either, but one could imagine she was angry that someone would suggest that her husband was being inappropriate with her daughter.

It seems like such a random but serious accusation for someone to make. It should be noted that Cole has been nothing but loving and supportive of little Aubree since he met Chelsea. He knows that Aubree's biological father, Adam Lind, isn't doing much to be there for his daughter. He isn't going to the father-daughter dances that are often featured on "Teen Mom 2,” and he doesn't make an effort when he does have the legal time with her.

One can imagine that she sees Cole as a great father figure and as a strong male role model. This is something Chelsea can only be excited about.

What do you think Chelsea DeBoer is thinking when she's reading comments like this? Do you think Cole is great guy considering what he planned for her birthday?