Amber Portwood decided that she no longer wanted to be with Matt Baier recently. The two had been dating for several years and Amber had constantly come to his defense whenever her "Teen Mom" co-stars and her friends kept whining about him. Many fans felt that he was using her for fame and attention, as he had found her and reached out to her on Twitter. It was later revealed that he had tried to reach out to both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans from "Teen Mom 2" in hopes of getting a date with them. In other words, she was the third choice.

Amber always claimed to be very much in love with him even though they clearly have their disagreements.

He lied about how many children he had, so when Portwood learned the truth, she was shocked and saddened. It sounds like she did a lot of forgiving in their relationship.

Lie detector changed everything

On “Teen Mom OG,” Matt took a lie detector test. Here, Portwood learned that he had made sexual advances toward someone else, and she struggled to forgive him. In addition, Portwood also revealed that she simply couldn't take the stress of dating him anymore as he had clearly been a bad boyfriend. Even though they were set to marry, it sounds like Amber wanted out of the relationship as she didn't think that they could make it work. She simply didn't trust him anymore.

"Hey I just find out that you aren't with [Baier] I guess I am late but I am HAPPY YOU REALIZED YOUR WORTH" one person revealed on Amber's social media page.

The final days

They ended the relationship when they were filming “marriage boot camp.” They ended filming early and went home. Matt travels to Las Vegas to clear his head and quickly realized that she was done with the relationship. He saw no reason to go to Indiana to deal with everything. Amber is currently dating one of the producers from "Marriage Boot Camp" and she seems happier than ever.

This guy does not seem interested in the spotlight, even though he accompanied her on the red carpet at the VMAs this weekend.

His name is Andrew and he seems to be happy just being in a relationship with her. Fans are more than excited to learn that Amber is letting go of Matt, as some believe she couldn't see how he was trying to get famous.

Just recently, Baier released his very own book about his past and people were not exactly thrilled at him publishing a book after having been with Amber. Many people felt that he was just using her to get attention and if he tries to continue his life in the spotlight, he may just prove them all right.

One can imagine that Amber is very happy these days she's regaining her confidence and she's building a business. She's busier than ever and she's probably proud of the woman she's become. Fans are super excited about Baier no longer being in her life. Another great thing is that she doesn't have to defend her new boyfriend, his job, or even the fact that he may want to appear “Teen Mom OG." He doesn't seem like he's the kind of guy who is dating her for fame and money so he should respect if she doesn't want him on the show.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's new boyfriend? Are you surprised that she moved on so fast but has found someone who is truly good for her?