Despite being criticized in the past for accepting donations for their missionary work in El Salvador, Jill Duggar and her husband, derick dillard, have made the decision not to return to their work. The pair have decided that instead, they would rather stay home in Arkansas, amid rumors that something is seriously wrong with Jill's son, Samuel Scott, or something is wrong with Jill herself after giving birth to her son.

"Through a number of circumstances, and guided by much prayer and counsel, we are discerning the Lord leading our family's full-time ministry back to the United States for the time being," the pair announced on their blog, which made many people raise their eyebrows and wonder if they had been misappropriating funds during their time abroad.

What exactly did Jill and Derick do abroad?

What exactly Jill and Derick have been doing abroad remains a bit of a mystery. Many have criticized the pair for doing mission work that isn't exactly clear, as the pair are not associated with a church in any way. It has also come to light that Jill's midwifery certificate doesn't actually give her the authority to help women give birth, as it is a glorified way of getting a "degree" from women who have helped give birth in the past. It has also been stated that Derick has not been holding down a job, and currently does not have one. Before the pair left for Central America, he was working for Wal-Mart, but now that they've returned, he has not secured employment.

Continuing their ministry in the United States, or health problems?

The couple have stated that they will be continuing their ministry in the United States, but they have not been very clear as to how they will be doing this. Many speculate that this is because Jill may be suffering health issues after giving birth to her second son, Samuel Scott.

Samuel was born by way of C-section following many hours of labor.

Both Jill and Derick did not post photos to social media for several weeks, which made many people think something was up with either Jill or Samuel -- when she gave birth to Israel, Jill posted photos of him immediately to her Instagram and other social media accounts.

The reality TV star has been evasive about her health status and has been posting several quotes about "trusting in God" to her social media pages, leading some fans to suspect that something more is going on -- and that this announcement isn't as clear-cut as it seems.