If you have missed seeing "Little Big Shots," don't despair, the American children's television and talent show that used to be on NBC on Sunday nights has moved to Wednesday nights beginning on May 31 at 8 p.m. The show hasn't aired since Sunday, May 14. However, it is returning with Steve Harvey hosting three more episodes that are left in this current season.

Last three episodes

The last three episodes of this season's "Little Big Shots" will be filled with kids displaying their talents as usual. They come from all over the world. On Wednesday, May 31, the list includes an 8-year-old newscaster, a 7-year-old stand-up comedian and a boy band from Mexico.

There will also be an aerial acrobat performed by sisters and two young ping pong players.

On June 7, fans of the show will enjoy a young cellist, a family of acapella singers, a gymnastics champion, a 12-year-old opera singer and a 10-year-old motivational speaker.

On the final episode on June 14, some little big shots that performed previously will return. You will get to see Caleb again. He is the 4-year-old worship leader who led the audience in a song. Reuben, the singer from Wales, will return as well as Brandon the 10-year-old piano player from Season 1. Viewers will recognize other talented kids from Season 1 and 2 who are returning. The team of translators will be interviewed. They helped Harvey communicate with international kids who didn't speak English.

When "Little Big Shots" first aired on March 8, 2016, there were 12.81 million viewers. By the end of the first season on May 8, 2016, the viewership had dropped to 7.57 million. By Season 2, there had been an increase to 11.72 million viewers on March 5, 2017. On the last episode that aired this season on May 14, there were only 7.34 million viewers.

It will be interesting to see if the change to Wednesday nights will help the ratings go up again.

Senior version

Following the final three episodes of the kids' version, a spinoff called "Little Big Shots: Forever Young" will premiere on June 21. The spinoff will focus on seniors who are young at heart. They will showcase their hidden talents.

Like the kids, the elderly will chat briefly with Harvey before performing. Also, like the kids, the seniors are expected to share some wisdom with the comedian host.

Mark your calendar to watch the last three episodes of "Little Big Shots" on Wednesdays starting May 31 and "Little Big Shots: Forever Young" starting June 21.