Bruno Mars has just released his music video for his latest song “Versace On The Floor.” The clip becomes sexier with “Spider-Man: Homecoming” star and full-blooded Versace endorser Zendaya.

Bruno Mars, new video sizzles with a touch of Zendaya

The “That’s What I Like” singer posted the new music video on his official YouTube and Twitter account. Zendaya also shared the clip through her Twitter account. The music video features the two stars in separate screens. Despite not being physically together, the clip still looks steamy as the artists project the sexiness of the song.

The clip began with the two singers giving each other a quick smile greeting as they try to enter each of their own rooms, which is just separated by a wall. The “Just the Way You Are” star then begins to play his piano and sing his newest hit, “Versace on the Floor.” The “Swag it Out!” singer then starts to listen from the other side of the wall, slowly grooving to his music.

As the “Versace on the Floor” progresses, she then appears to own the lyrics of the song. She looks very sexy in her gestures as she grooves to the song from the other side of the wall. The music video continues to show the sultry actress while being lost in the song, dancing and making sultry gestures inside her bedroom.

Bruno Mars also appeared to be enjoying his grand piano and the thoughts lingering in his mind as he mentions the lyrics of his song. Fans of Bruno Mars will especially like the music video because it has a personal touch of their idol. It was directed by the “24K Magic” singer himself, alongside Cameron Duddy, E!News has noted.

Zendaya is such a perfect choice!

Zendaya looks very hot in her super-low plunging, curvaceous and short dress, accessorized with glitters. One scene from the clip also shows how her dress gets unzipped from her back, with no one touching it. The Disney star is a perfect fit for the music video of “Versace on the Floor.” Aside from being super stunning, Zendaya is also a favorite endorser of the Versace fashion brand.

Moreover, the actress is also a self-confessed fan of Bruno Mars. She previously paid tribute to honor the soul singer and songwriter for her performance in "Lip Sync Battle" in May, where she competed against the Spider-Man lead star, Tom Holland.

Zendaya performed “24K Magic” and impressed the viewers of "Lip Sync Battle" as she came out looking very similar to Bruno Mars. A clip of her performance was posted on her official Twitter account too and earned 40,000 likes.