Zendaya and Tom Holland were co-stars in the movie "Spider-Men: Homecoming". The movie came out about a week ago and fans have been shipping them ever since. They play romantic interests on screen and rumors have recently surfaced that this romance has extended into real life. There has been no comment from Zendaya or Holland about the rumors.

An unknown source has revealed they are dating

According to CNN, a source revealed that Zendaya and Tom Holland began dating each other while filming "Spider-Man: Homecoming." They play the characters of Peter Parker and Michelle.

Michelle is the romantic interest of Peter Parker. The source stated that the couple is well suited for each other and make each other laugh. However, this individual remains unknown, which may call into question the validity of the claims.

The source also goes on to claim that Zendaya and Holland have been trying to keep their relationship under wraps. This is typical for many celebrity couples as they want to see where their relationship goes before they announce it to their fans. In an interview with People, Holland admitted that he and Zendaya were the best of friends. He told the interviewer that he often asks Zendaya for advice on handling fame as his career has been skyrocketing after the last few months.

Fans are desperate for the rumors to be true

Fans have taken to social media to celebrate the rumors that Holland and Zendaya are dating. They have captured screen shots from press interviews and titled them with explanations as to why the pair are clearly together. "Spider-Man" fans may be being fueled by the past success with the movies and the leads romantic lives.

In 2002, Tobey and Kirsten started dating. As well as this pair, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone began dating when they played Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Fans may automatically be assuming that Holland and Zendaya are together because of the nature of what happens when actors play these roles. However, there is no real evidence that the pair is an item.

Zendaya and Tom Holland have not directly denied the rumors. However, they have addressed them online on Twitter. The pair bantered back and forth talking about the proof their fans have that they are an item. This has only served to fuel the rumors more.

For now, the rumors can only be taken as just that. With no identifiable evidence or source, there is little to no proof that the actors are romantically engaged.