Britney Spears, the American actress, singer, and dancer got quite a shock during her concert on Wednesday. While performing, as part of her "Piece of Me" shows in Las Vegas, a disgruntled man tried to storm his way onto the stage. Although he was quickly detained by security and male dancers, it was certainly a little worrying for the singer, to say the least. The man was escorted from the concert by security and no one was harmed.

'Piece of Me' Concerts

Britney Spears began her first residency show titled, "Britney: Piece of Me" in December 2013 in Las Vegas.

As part of this show, she agreed to perform at least 50 shows a year. Each show includes her hit songs, both old and new. She has since extended and revamped her show. She also announced that starting in the summer of 2017, she would begin doing international performances as part of her, "Britney: Live in Concert" tour. She was performing in The AXIS auditorium situated in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino when a 37-year-old man tried to steal the show.

Why did the man do it?

According to Billboard, the 37-year-old man by the name of Jesse Web had been asked to leave the concert by security, before he stormed the stage. He refused and instead decided to try his luck and make a run for the stage.

Webb rushed onto stage while Spears was performing her hit, "Crazy". Fan videos show how he was tackled by security, almost as soon as he was on stage. At first Spears didn't even noticed what had happened. It was only a little later that she saw the security and male dancers holding Webb down. Security surrounded her, checking that she was okay.

Webb was taken from the concert arena, shortly thereafter. Britney came back on stage to finish the show. Although Britney seemed rather shaken by the event, she has not yet spoken to the press about it. According to 13 Action News, Webb has told the media that he was not trying to harm Spears in any way. He didn't even intend to go anywhere near her.

He had just wanted a chance to dance on stage. He was however, arrested for trespassing. Webb was transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

The Los Vegas Police Department have not yet spoken to the press about the matter. Britney is also keeping quiet. In the meantime, I suppose it is enough to be thankful that all Webb wanted to do was dance. Fortunately this was not yet another tragic concert story. No further announcements have been made and it is assumed that Spears will be performing again at her scheduled show this coming Wednesday in Las Vegas.