Blake Shelton reportedly planned to propose to Gwen Stefani during the season finale of "The Voice" Season 13. Unfortunately, losing the latest season of the show made it hard for him to do what he planned to do.

According to new reports, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton could have been engaged now if the showrunners of "The Voice" Season 13 helped Shelton do what he wanted to do. The "Sangria" singer was apparently asked to do an on-screen proposal by the NBC producers during the finale of the show.

Blake Shelton was supposed to propose if he had won

Insiders revealed that Blake Shelton was asked by the NBC producers to propose to Gwen Stefani live on "The Voice." However, the two are reportedly having some trouble in paradise, which is why the "A Guy With A Girl" singer refused to do what he was asked.

As per reports, Stefani and Shelton are experiencing a rough patch in their relationship at the moment. The couple is believed to be contemplating a split and that Stefani feels miserable off camera.

Speculations are also making rounds that Stefani and Shelton were forced to be sweet and clingy towards each other on the set of the hit TV show. However, the happenings during their set do not reflect the real feelings of the two hitmakers.

Shelton and Stefani heading to splitsville

Reports suggest that Stefani and Shelton have been arguing a lot of times ever since they worked together again on the hit NBC show. The "Make Me Like You" singer has reportedly realized that they are just too different from each other, which is why they cannot spend the rest of their lives together.

Meanwhile, Stefani's ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale reportedly wants to be assured that the couple is not fighting in front of his kids. Rossdale is also concerned how his children would feel if Shelton and Stefani would break up.

Stefani is reportedly taking a few steps backward, as she does not want to rush things with Shelton, especially after her nasty divorce from Rossdale.

The "Used to Love You" singer admitted that a split is hard for her to handle.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been dating since 2015. Their fans are hoping all the best for the two music makers. Hopefully, the former No Doubt singer and Shelton are not planning to go their separate ways, as the fans love their tandem. The fans are also hoping that they will be able to patch things up if they are really having some arguments just like any other couple.