Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have two daughters named Ines and James together. The pair has recently come forward and stated that they have banned a certain word from their home, as they believe it will have a negative impact on their children. Lively opened up in an interview with Glamour magazine about how she believes the word "bossy" can teach young girls that it is okay for them to be belittled and looked down upon.

The parents have banned one word from their house

Celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have two beautiful children together.

Their daughters Ines and James have been seen out with the celebrity couple on many occasions and complete their perfect family. According to the Independent, in a bid to better raise their children Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have banned the word "bossy" from their house.

Lively has stated that she does not want her children associating that word with women or girls and as such, she and Ryan avoid using it in their home. Lively explained that men are never called bossy and that learning that the word should not be associated with her daughters has been an eye opening moment in parenthood.

Reynold's is joining his wife in the decision to ban the word from their home as they agree that it is degrading and will only teach their children that it is okay for other people to belittle them.

Both the parents have claimed that they have no idea if they are the best parents in the world but their attempts to raise their children to be independent from such a young age is admirable.

Raising feminist children

According to Honey, celebrity parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have banned the word "bossy" from their home, as they believe that there are negative connotations attached to the world.

The parents have expressed their desire to raise feminist children and do not want them referring to girls and women as bossy.

Blake Lively has expressed the importance of raising their two girls James and Ines to be strong independent women who are not degraded by each other. She also wants her children to be able to recognize when other people are treating them differently because of their gender.

In a recent interview with Glamour Magazine, the mother stated that she and Ryan are working very hard to teach them about feminism.

The celebrity couple has received great praise from both the media and their fans for their parenting style. Reynolds and Lively are certain to raise intelligent and empathetic children.