Nicole Kidman has finally teased some details about the highly-anticipated series of HBO, the "Big Little Lies" season 2. Kidman has told a number of reporters that the series they are currently working on is very up in the air due to some changes that the production needs to deal with.

To recall, the 50-year old actress has been working on her role as Celeste on the show. During the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, Kidman has shared some facts on what viewers must expect from the second chapter of the series.

Possible obstacles

As Kidman continued to share some details of the show, she added that it is very unfortunate to announce that "Big Little Lies" season 2 is right now very much up in the air. Further, the actress also revealed that the show has to deal with some obstacles for the meantime. She considered the issue between Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston who were both slated to star in HBO's upcoming morning show.

Kidman further added that such changes could contribute a lot to the show's delay of airing. Meanwhile, she also shared about Jean-Marc Vallee's previous statement which revealed that Kidman and Witherspoon might reunite their characters on the next season of the series. Hence, it is also another thing that the series production has to finalize with.

Understanding for each other

Kidman has shared in one of her statement that the entire team for “Big Little Lies” season 2 has developed the kind of understanding and love for each other. A report from Entertainment Tonight has added that the cast members of the series have shared lots of memories together while working intensely on the show.

In addition, Kidman revealed that all of them were already very connected to each other and it would be hard for them to find such connection to anyone else.

She was also grateful for the love and support that the series has received from the audience.

As she revealed, they never really thought that "Big Little Lies" season 1 will truly create a hit into the lives of many. She was also thankful to their director for making and directing the episodes for the show. She added that the work of the series' director was very much phenomenal.

She was also very happy to announce that Liane Moriarty, the series author, has already been working on the storylines. As she ended her statement, Kidman revealed that she would be much willing to do more for her role if the network will warrant them another chance.