Amber Rose has officially shared her plans to undergo a breast reduction procedure before this year ends. The news was revealed on Monday on her Instagram page, and she asked her fans advice from anyone who has gone through such process or procedure.

In one of her Instagram post, the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant has shared a photo of her during her best friend's birthday celebration. On the caption, she shared, "My boobs are stupid heavy. My back hurts." Hence, this drew her to the decision of taking into a breast reduction procedure before the year ends.

Breast reduction scars

As Rose continued her post on Instagram, she also shared to her followers that she has been scared about dealing with breast reduction scars. Hence, she has solicited any helpful advice from everyone whom she thought has already been through such process. Further, as per a report from People, Rose also revealed that scarring is something that she has to really deal with since she hasn't been into any breast implants.

Rose also added that she thought she would be much happier if she can reduce the size of her breast. She added how frustrated she was of not being able to wear cute shirts due to her Breast Size. Nevertheless, taking into a breast reduction procedure is the best option that she will finally deal with.

Body shaming revelation

Apart from complaining about her huge breast, the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant has further revealed that she also went through body shaming issues during her stay on the show back in 2016.

She has revealed that she was critic by Julianne Hough due the "not usual" size of her breast. It was during her performance when she was a critic by one of the judges.

Further, she added that her body, hips, and most especially her breast had made her uncomfortable of dancing back then. In response to the body shaming issue, Hough, on the other hand, has also shared that she was not pointing her comments towards Rose's figure.

However, she made it clear that she was only merely reacting on the quality of dance that she has been performing.

Meanwhile, as Rose shared her plans to her Instagram followers, most of them were also happy about her decision. Most of them were quick to give comments and have encouraged her to pursue her breast reduction plans. Moreover, Rose was also happy about the positive feedback she got from her fans. Some comments revealed that breast reduction procedure has changed their life.