“Big Brother 19” spoilers about the Week 6 HOH nominations have appeared on the CBS live feeds. The “BB19” house had its Nomination Ceremony late Friday night (August 4), and there is some shocking news that comes along with it. Among the biggest pieces of news is that Cody Nickson is safe from nomination and eviction this week.

Josh Martinez is the Head of Household, and he revealed his main target for eviction as soon as he took over the power. It wasn’t Cody Nickson who he had been fighting with all summer, it wasn’t the other half of his showmance Jessica Graf, and it wasn’t the guy he was accused of bullying all week (Mark Jansen).

It was Elena Davies.

Who did Josh Martinez nominate for eviction?

The “BB19” house played out the latest Temptation Competition early Friday, with everyone but Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott taking part. Cody Nickson ended up winning the competition to guarantee himself safety for the week, and it was Jessica Graf who finished the last place. Jessica now becomes the third “special” nominee this week, taking a spot beside Josh’s two choices for nominees.

Josh Martinez nominated Mark Jansen and Elena Davies for eviction. These “Big Brother 19” spoilers come directly from the live feeds, and the three nominees were not pleased with what had just taken place. At the Nomination Ceremony, Josh zeroed in on his primary target, putting Elena up on the block and at risk of going home next Thursday (August 10).

But will the rest of the “BB19” house agree with what Josh wants to do as the HOH?

What happens next for Elena Davis and the ‘BB19’ cast?

Next up is the Power of Veto, which will be awarded on Saturday (August 5), providing fans with some new “Big Brother 19” spoilers to discuss on social media. If Week 6 returns a familiar result, like when HOH Paul Abrahamian won the Power of Veto last week, then Josh Martinez stands a great chance at winning it as well.

That would keep the power in his hands to use as he sees fit.

The showmance of Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson is also at risk this week, especially if Mark Jansen or Elena Davies wins the Power of Veto. That would force Josh Martinez to nominate someone from his side of the “BB19” house, possibly creating an enemy in the process.

Just who would Josh use as a replacement nominee? A lot of excitement is still to come from this weekend, especially involving the Veto Competition, which will give live feed subscribers a new set of “Big Brother 19” spoilers to enjoy.