"Big Brother 19" fans know this season is not short on drama and twists. If the game isn't throwing in enough to keep things stirred up for you, the houseguests are creating their own chaos as well. The POV ceremony will take place later today and Mark has clearly said that he will not be making the same mistake Marsellus Wallace made.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut for the show.

As previously reported by "Blasting News," Mark will be using the POV he learned to remove himself from the block.

When Josh asked him not to use it, remain on the block, and show his loyalty lies with them instead of Cody. Mark told him his plan is to use the power he earned, save himself, win HOH, and target Cody himself. Spoken like a true "Big Brother" player - WTG, Mark.

Elena wants to be saved by the showmance she ended

Now his next obstacle is Elena. Once in a showmance, she made it clear last week that she wanted to Play The Game without the closeness they had shared. The hard part about a break up in the "Big Brother" house is you still live together. Now that Mark has something she wants, she has tried a few times to persuade Mark to use the POV to save her. Mark has stood firm and told her he wanted to give her the distance she asked for and will use the power on himself.

Again, Mark rocked the situation.

Josh and Christmas have had a few conversations lately about possible targets. According to "Joker's Updates," Christmas is encouraging Josh to consider his own game as he makes decisions as the HOH. Paul has had control of the house for weeks and has the "Big Brother" house majority on his side.

They are working together, under his direction, and doing well. Though many on social media aren't happy with this, "your boy" is playing the game and doing it well. Christmas recognizes this and is beginning to question when they should start to break away from Paul to play the game to benefit them individually.

A floater becomes a pawn

Josh will have to name a replacement nominee to take Mark's seat on the block. Raven has agreed to go up as a pawn to prove her loyalty to the team. Considering her and Matt, her showmance partner, have not won anything either of them would be the best pawn for Josh to have in place. Of course, Josh is targeting Elena this week, while the majority of the "Big Brother 19" houseguests will be voting out Jessica. Raven will be free to float alongside Matt for another week.

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