"Big Brother 19" fans tuned in for the fireworks on tonight's live eviction with Maven on the block. After a few days of chaos, because Jason didn't veto one of his own nominees, the showmance has shown some very un-sportsman like conduct in the house. Matt has been breaking the Have Not rules since the Veto Ceremony and Raven has cheered him on. Of course, that was in between the personal attacks on Kevin and Jason.

The show tonight aired a portion of the drama in the house as the week has played out. Of course, only the tame stuff was shown. It got so heated at one point that the live feeds had to be cut as the houseguests calmed down.

There have been several incidents in the "Big Brother 19" house that have almost come to blows. Along with that, a couple of verbal confrontations went further than they should have.

So what happened to Matt and the rules?

As Maven sat on the chopping block, the "Big Brother 19" houseguests began voting with Alex and ended with Josh, as all cast votes to evict Matt. With the one penalty vote for breaking all the Have Not rules, Matt had a total of seven votes to send him to the jury.

"Big Brother 19" fans have been talking about this all week on social media.It hasn't sat well with fans that Matt made the decision to break the rules of the game. The show is so wildly popular that there are thousands that would have loved his spot and eaten slop.

He signed on to play a game and in the end didn't have enough respect for it to honor the rules.

What are fans saying?

Fans weighing in were unhappy with the idea that he was given only one penalty vote for breaking the rules and ignoring messages telling him to stop. Overall, the feeling expressed was that he should have been ejected from "Big Brother," not to the jury house but home and done.

Raven, who would've been the only one left on the block, would have automatically been evicted and headed straight to the Jury House.That would also have eliminated the need for an additional eviction after the next double eviction next week. Another bonus is that America would have gotten a chance to cast a vote.

For the Head of Household Competition, there was another "Big Brother" first.

They had to do a rain delay because the backyard is set up for the competition that closely resembled a track and field themed competition. "Big Brother After Dark" comes to POP at midnight CST. If the HOH isn't completed by then, fans may not be able to watch the aftermath of tonight's eviction and the scheming that begins when a new HOH is crowned.