"Big Brother 19" spoilers reveal Week 8's new HOH and nomination ceremony results. Mark Jansen seemed like the clear target after Cody Nickson and Elena Davies' eviction. However, typical of the "BB19" houseguests this season, their target shifted a little and Mark could stay off the block this week.

HOH competition

Going into Week 8's HOH competition, every houseguest wanted to win to secure their life in the game. At this point, you cannot trust anyone when they tell you are safe for the week. Christmas Abbott is the new HOH and promised to shake things up.

The "BB19" fans were skeptical that she would make a big move because she has been following Paul Abrahamian's lead throughout Season 19.

Right after Christmas won the HOH competition, she knew she wanted to put a target and a pawn on the block. Many assumed that meant Mark would go on the block, but it looks like her target might be someone else.

New Temptation twist

As Julie Chen promised, a new temptation twist came into play. The details of the twist are fuzzy, but Paul revealed that Mark gave him safety for the week. So, Christmas couldn't nominate Paul even if that was her initial plan. Of course, the "BB19" fans know that Christmas probably wouldn't have nominated Paul anyway.

Christmas delivered an epic nomination meeting speech

"Big Brother 19" spoilers suggest that Mark was the clear target, especially after his blow-up with Paul just before the HOH competition. Raven Walton offered to go on the block as a pawn, but Matt Clines refused to let her risk her life in the house.

Christmas decided to nominate Matt and Jason Dent.

According to Online Big Brother, Christmas told Matt that she nominated him because she doesn't like him and he's guilty by association. At first, it seemed like there were two pawns on the block, but later Christmas revealed that she hoped the nominations stayed the same.

The Week 8 plan

"Big Brother 19" spoilers indicate Christmas has two targets this week.

She told Josh Martinez that she would be "fine" if the nominations stayed the same and Jason was evicted. Matt expressed concerns about that plan, fearing that he could leave over Jason. When Paul came into the HOH room, Christmas suggested they target Kevin Schlehuber. So at this point, no one knows who is the real target for the week.

Christmas told Josh that if Mark doesn't win POV, they should pull him aside and cut him a deal to work with them. She suggested they promise him safety for one to two weeks. It sounds like Christmas may be trying to get the votes to target Paul in the next few weeks.

Are you surprised by Christmas' nominations?

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