"Big Brother 19" fans tune in for each episode to see julie chen host the show. Being the professional she is, she never gives a clue of her own thoughts on the game or the shenanigans of the houseguests. We are prepared to share a few of her thoughts with you.

Recently "Entertainment Weekly" caught up with Julie Chen to find out how she is feeling about this crazy season. Remember, in a previous interview she talked about Jessica having made a mistake by telling the "Big Brother" houseguests she was holding a power from the Den of Temptation. Apparently, she no longer feels that Jessica is making mistakes because Julie is Team Jessica.

Julie has gained a newfound respect for Jessica watching her in action lately. She feels that Jessica has shown she is good at identifying where other houseguests stand and gives a lot of thought to her actions. When she feels threatened, she goes toe-to-toe to defend herself.

What does Julie think of the Halting Hex being used?

Julie said that Jessica chose her sanity in the "Big Brother" house by using the Halting Hex. If she had not used it, Cody would have been evicted. This may have gained her some support from Team Paul, but it still wouldn't have been someone she really trusts like Cody. If he left the house, Jessica would have felt alone for the rest of the summer.

When Julie was asked about Josh's one-man-band act last week, she said he was being immature and disruptive.

Jessica and Cody were mature enough not to strike back, no matter what he did. Julie pondered whether it would make them stronger and more determined to win.

Julie Chen said what many "Big Brother 19" fans said about Josh winning the Head of Household competition. It might as well have been Paul. Josh is seen as one that will do whatever Paul tells him.

He showed that last week when he started the banging of pots and pans. Everyone expects Jessica and Cody to be nominated for eviction.

More new news!

Since the interview with Julie Chen came out, live feeders saw Josh reveal a backdoor plan to Christmas, swearing her to secrecy. He said he would like to put Elena up if one of them come down.

Christmas was on board and helped him think about other aspects, such as talking to Jessica to convince her he is making sure she and Cody make the jury.

Fans on social media have been speaking out on the talk Josh and Christmas had. Many think it was a ploy by Josh to see where Christmas will side. Some "Big Brother 19" viewers feel it is Christmas that has the real beef with Elena and Josh is trying to feel her out on it.