"Big Brother" has strict rules that the participants must follow in order to avoid consequences. Matt Cline is a Have Not for the week but is after penalty votes. Live feed viewers see him eating, sleeping where he wants, and taking warm showers. Should he be evicted based on penalty votes alone? Let's take a look at this whole situation.

The following will contain spoilers for "Big Brother 19." If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, now is the time to stop reading.

The rule book and the Bible are the only reading material allowed in the "Big Brother" house each season.

The houseguests have a lot of time to read both. It seems as though Matt Cline has read what not to do and done it all this summer.

What set Matt off?

With Jason as Head of Household, Matt took a seat on the block for the fourth week in a row. His lady Raven sat beside him as another pawn, or so they thought. When Jason won the Power of Veto and didn't use it to take Raven down to back door Kevin, there was chaos. Matt and Raven were both livid, even went so far as to say they had more of a right to be on "Big Brother 19" house than the "old man."

Raven, you don't want to talk about what someone deserves...

After a summer of Raven contributing nothing to the game beyond her ridiculous health claims and stories of her mother, she seriously thinks she deserves to be there.

Keep in mind this is the same woman who was given a wish by the Make A Wish Foundation, taking a spot from a child who was actually terminally ill.

As for Matt, what has he been doing all summer? He is the pawn, seen as disposable to the rest of the houseguests. He wins a competition now and then but he has not made one move in the game to show that he is a contender.

Now his true colors are coming out. Instead of respecting the game and allowing the eviction to take place like he signed up for, he is instead going for penalty votes.

Each time Matt eats or drinks, breaking the Have Not rules, live feed viewers hear the "Big Brother" voice say "Matt, stop that." Of course, it falls on deaf ears.

He ignores "Big Brother" and does whatever he wants. He is not sleeping in the Have Not room and is not taking cold showers. Live feed viewers watched early on as Jason was called to the Diary Room, exited, and gathered the houseguests in the living room for an announcement. With the live feeds still going, "Big Brother" announced that Matt was being given a penalty vote.

Matt has continued breaking the rules all week. He has shown zero respect for the game and seems to forget that there are thousands out there that would take a place in the house and fight to win. Instead, his goal is to keep Raven safe and eat cereal.

One penalty vote is all that has been announced for Matt. On Thursday for the live eviction, "Big Brother 19" will have to make the decision of how to handle this.

Are they going to let Matt have only one penalty vote for breaking the rules for the week? Are they going to announce that due to the large quantity of penalty votes Matt has racked up that he is evicted without a vote by houseguests? Will he still be allowed to go to the jury or should America be given his vote for the winner?