Cody Nickson is a man in love, but that doesn’t mean he’ll share one of the most important moments of his life with millions of reality TV viewers. The recently ousted Big Brother 19 houseguest has revealed that he was caught off guard when host julie chen asked him about his plans to marry his “BB19” showmance, Jessica Graf, during his exit interview on the CBS reality show.

During the live interview, Chen asked Nickson point blank if he thinks he is going to marry Jessica after his stint in the “Big Brother” jury wraps, and Cody confidentially declared, “I will.” But now Nickson admits he “blacked out” when Julie asked him that burning question, revealing to the Hollywood Reporter that he said his most honest answer in that moment.

Cody is not planning a live proposal

As for any plans to propose to Jessica during the live “Big Brother” finale in September, Cody wouldn’t say. The single dad said Jessica would have to answer that question.

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen told Entertainment Weekly she would be surprised if Cody popped the question during the live finale episode, mainly because he can’t stand any of the other members of the “Big Brother 19” cast and wouldn’t want anyone associated with the house to be “anywhere near him during that sacred moment.”

‘Big Brother’ host has hopes for a ‘BB19’ wedding

Still, despite the fact that the “Big Brother” lovebirds have only known each other for five weeks, Chen says she believes there is “a good chance” that Cody and Jessica will tie the knot at some point.

Julie said as long as Cody’s young daughter, Paisley, is able to bond with Jessica, and as long as Cody meets Jessica’s friends and family and gets their seal of approval, she thinks another “Big Brother” wedding could be in the future.

Of course, since Cody and Jessica made few friends in the “Big Brother” house, their wedding invites would probably be reserved for close friends and family.

In other words, Cody's "Big Brother" nemesis Paul Abrahamian probably won’t need to check the registry. Ditto for pan-clanging Josh Martinez.

“Big Brother” has already spawned several marriages, including the marriage of former champ Jordan Lloyd to Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Reilly to Brendon Villegas. “Big Brother” runner—up Danielle Donato also tied the knot with fellow franchise alum Dominic Briones.

“Big Brother” Season 19 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.