Jessica Graf’s time in the “Big Brother” house was cut short, but the 26-year-old VIP concierge says she knows who is calling the shots on the 19th season of the CBS reality show. Graf, who was engaged in a game-changing showmance with fellow “Big Brother” houseguest Cody Nickson before becoming the show’s latest evictee, told Parade magazine she learned a lot about the other players during her 51-day stay in the CBS summertime house. Jessica revealed that it is easy to see who is playing the game—and who isn’t.

The end of Jody’s game

While Jessica Graf had the “Big Brother” world at her fingertips just a few weeks ago, a few lapses of self-control, her controversial coupling with Cody, a wasted Halting Hex, and Christmas Abbott’s unexpected Ring of Replacement marked her demise in the game.

Now, Graf reveals that she wishes she had worked more closely with “Big Brother” veteran Paul Abrahamian during his Head Of Household week before he called her bluff on her Halting Hex power. Jessica says she is fully aware that Paul is the puppet master this season and that he was behind many of the attacks launched against her and her showmance Cody Nickson during their time in the “Big Brother” house.

Jessica admits Paul deserves to win ‘BB19’

While Jessica Graf was eliminated from “Big Brother" one week shy of making the peer jury of who will decide the winner of the show’s $500,00 grand prize (another Paul game move, by the way), she says she is confident that Abrahamian will win this season of "Big Brother” just one year after placing second on the CBS reality show.

While Jessica said she would give her vote to her boyfriend Cody is she could, she would ultimately vote Paul to be the winner of “Big Brother” due to his impeccable game play.

“I would give my vote to Paul if I can’t vote Cody,” Graf told Parade. “Right now I don’t see anyone beating Paul.”

In her post-“Big Brother” interviews, Jessica Graf has been vocal about the fact that she and Cody were underdogs in the game and the targets of constant bullying.

It is surprising to hear that she would give Paul Abrahamian her jury vote, considering he was the mastermind behind her eviction, despite Head of Household Josh Martinez’ desire to evict Elena Davies. Jessica told the Hollywood Reporter that Paul has “really good relationships with most people” in the “Big Brother” house.

Big Brother 19” airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.