The cast of Grey’s Anatomy including Ellen Pompeo is back filming in Los Angeles after a quick trip and shoot in Seattle this month. Some of their lucky fans in Seattle were excited to get a glimpse of the stars working on a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 on September 28.

“Grey’s Anatomy” will premiere its 300th episode soon and it had its cast including Ellen Pompeo appreciating the beauty of Seattle even if it was just a quick trip for them. They started posting on their social media accounts about the shoot.

Ellen Pompeo, Kevin McKidd shared photos from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ scenes in Seattle

One of those famous photos would be by Kevin McKidd who loved the ferry ride by captioning the photo “Ferries . I love ferries.. especially ones in Seattle.” Ellen Pompeo also had her look-away shot taken with a helicopter in sight saying, “Season 14, I am coming for you.”

But before the show starts, we will have the scent of summer first. Pompeo recently shared about her kids when it comes to summer activities. The 47-year-old actress and her daughter, Stella Luna Ivery, attended the Baby2Baby gathering in LA. The event was designed to gather parents and individuals who can donate or volunteer with them while carrying the purpose of serving children in need.

Pompeo shares her activities with her kids

Apparently, her daughter initiated the idea since there was a fundraiser for Baby2Baby in her school. And it is not like Pompeo can say no to such great task.

The actress spoke about how important Philanthropy is when it comes to her children saying, “These kids are growing up very privileged.

So it is important for them to have balance and to understand that all kids are the same, but they are not. And that whenever we have a chance to help, we can help.”

So instead of indulging a cool dive in the beach, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star was just doing the best she could when it comes to following her kid’s request. But if her children do not prefer to go out in public events, the actress talked about how she lets the kids swim, and that it physically tires them out after an hour or so.

“Then the rest of my day is trying to explain to them why they cannot have lollipops for lunch,” Pompeo shared. “Why candy is not food.”

Ellen Pompeo, later on, gushed on how his son has reached the milestone and he even boasted how handsome his son is and how she does not care what anyone would say about him. Now that is a proud mother right there!