International music icon Beyonce showed off her post-pregnancy body while wearing sexy crop top and thigh-high shorts last weekend, E! Online reported.

According to the report, the “Pretty Hurtssinger sported a yellow graphic shirt from Fila and a pair of laced-up shorts from Coal ‘N Terry which showed most of her thigh and legs. The photo shown on the article came from an impromptu photo shoot before she reportedly attended Kendrick Lamar’s tour stop in Los Angeles during the weekend.

Lamar held a concert at the Staples Center with Beyonce, her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, and singer Kelly Rowland attending, E!

Online added.

The photo of her wearing the branded crop top and thigh-high shorts showed Beyonce with her post-pregnancy body, two months since giving birth to twins.

Accessories included

Aside from this look, the “Pretty Hurts” singer also added accessories to complete her style. According to the report, she also wore large-size camouflage jacket from Mistress Rocks and finished off with a pair of platform boots from DSquared.

The style was reportedly accessorized further with a custom-made satchel from Louis Vuitton, silver-colored chokers, diamond-laden hoops and a small-size belly button ring accessory. The photo revealed the singer wearing natural make-up with gloss and blush, with hair tossed in curls and blond tresses, E!

Online added.

It can be seen that Beyonce rocked this attire with her fit and sexy body just a few months after giving birth to her babies. A few months ago, she welcomed her twins, Rumi and Sir which reportedly became her newest source of inspiration.

Dress up like Queen Bey

For those who want to dress up like the international pop singer, the website provided details on the stores and the prices of the items.

Beyonce’s yellow graphic shirt is from Fila and retails for $60. The pair of thigh-length shorts with laced up sides is available from Coal ‘N Terry for a price of $98. Meanwhile, the entertainment website also indicated that her camouflage suit comes from Mistress Rocks and sells for $114.

For those who want to get the same platform boots that she wore, DSquared reportedly sells them for around $1,650.

Other boots from the same brand are offered for around $1,200.

The entertainment website also noted that Beyonce was spotted during the weekend about to hit the gym with her friend Kelly Rowland who is also a renowned musical artist.