As more confidential data continues to be released, HBO’s board chooses to remain in denial - despite their capacity to act. One of the most famous leaked data were a couple of episodes of "Game of Thrones" which greatly affected the number of viewers per airing of the episode. Just recently, hackers responsible for this leakage demanded a staggering sum as insurance. Details are as follows:

Money for information

In another demonstration of disrespect – and violation of laws regarding illegal content distribution and fraud - the hackers responsible for last week leakage released another statement requesting about 6 to 7.5 millions in bitcoins, claiming that’s only equivalent to their “six-month income”.

The money would be an insurance so no more of the 1.5 terabytes stolen are released (among that, other than unprecedented episodes, are personal employees’ information and confidential company issues).

HBO's response

Although, even with the brand new 3.4 GB of data being released earlier yesterday, the company refuses to settle a deal with the hackers. This time, after a five-minute video demanding the payment, hackers claimed to possess personal information about employees – such as cellphone numbers from "Game of Thrones" actors - emails, confidential information and also scripts for future filming, which would all be made available online for public viewing.

Despite all the hackers' efforts to break the network defense and cause some kind of damage to performance in order to prove their point and receive millions in only three days, last Sunday’s episode of "Game of Thrones" broke audience records – an important show of force and fidelity of true fans.

HBO's stand against the threats

Additionally, HBO maintains the same position: the company will not give in to threats - also mentioning the quantity of data stolen is a bluff from the North-Korean hacker linked group, in order to convince payment. It may seem too subtle and powerless sign, but the show also teaches uncommon plans are effective when it comes to war.

Finally, the network seems to have payed attention to Daenerys Targaryen’s reflection after all: What is the point of being queen, if after the war there is only ashes to rule? In other words – peace seems to be working well so far; meanwhile, HBO aims to conquer their final goal: the true love and live audience of the people and perhaps avoid the same circumstances to happen again.