bethenny frankel broke down on the "Real Housewives of New York" reunion special last week as she opened up about her divorce from Jason Hoppy. Frankel has revealed that the divorce has been pure hell and she's upset about how things have escalated between the two of them. While filming the show last year, Frankel revealed that she had launched a charity called B Strong. This charity was designed to help women in crisis deal with their situations. Frankel encouraged all of her fans to donate money, as she really wants to ensure that none of her followers and fans will have to deal with this kind of situation.

According to a new Instagram post, Bethenny Frankel is now getting some advice in regards to her situation. Of course, Bethenny has been very open and honest about her charity B Strong and how it helps women in need. It sounds like her charity is starting a movement, as Frankel's fans are speaking out about their own situations. During the reunion special, Frankel revealed that she wasn't sure about how to move on and it sounds like zero contact is the way to go.

Zero contact

Bethenny reveals that she talks to Jason in regards to their daughter, but it sounds like it would be best for them to drop all communication. One fan reached out to Bethenny Frankel, revealing that it is best when they don't talk to one another.

"I was also threatened and harassed by an ex. Zero contact is necessary to end it and I can see some in the media, etc are misunderstanding what you meant by that. I wouldn't have understood it either until I went through it. You personally don't need zero contact to move on, it's a method to stop fueling the harasser's goal which is to engage in any way possible," one person wrote to Bethenny, encouraging her to cut the contact to her ex-husband so she can move on from his drama.

Of course, since he has been charged with stalking and harassment, it sounds like distance is the best thing possible for them.

A movement and B Strong

While it is a scary thing, her B Strong charity is gaining some steam. It's great that she's putting a voice to women in need, but it is also scary that so many women need to be helped out.

It's great to see that she is speaking out on their behalf and helping them move on in every aspect possible. It seems like she wants to save all women who go through situations that are similar to what Hoppy has put her through.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel's divorce and her B Strong charity starting a movement, where women are speaking out about being in troublesome situations?