bethenny frankel is known for speaking her mind and this is why she has managed to create such a large fan base from "The Real Housewives of New York." Bethenny has a sharp tongue and she has offended many people over the years, as she speaks her mind and doesn't seem to care too much about whose feelings she hurts.

Frankel has explained that she really wants to be open and honest about her feelings, and not sugarcoat anything. In fact, Bethenny has absolutely no problem making fun of herself and she has revealed that she can even admit it when she makes a mistake and apologize.

Some of her co-stars may not agree with her statement that she can take a joke, as she has been known to dish it out, but not accept it in return. However, Frankel has revealed that she is good at accepting responsibility when she has done something wrong and she has no problem apologizing to people if they feel they've been wronged.

Bethenny proved this week on Twitter that she is more than capable of making fun of herself. Over the past couple weeks, Frankel has shared inspirational quotes from her books and she even makes them pretty using graphics and colors. She goes above and beyond to make sure her quotes stand out. Of course, she may have a team to do this for her, but Bethenny reveals that even she can grow tired of inspirational quotes.

Mocking inspirational quotations online?

"Can we hold off for a few hours on the inspirational Monday AM quotes? I would like to be bitter until at least 10....," Bethenny Frankel tweeted on Monday Morning.

On Twitter this week, Bethenny revealed that she had absolutely no desire to read any inspirational quotes until at least 10 AM.

Of course, this is a funny statement as Frankel herself has been sharing quotes all the time. She is clearly mocking herself a little bit, and perhaps other celebrities or people who she follows that share inspirational quotes.

Cranky morning person

She even points out that she would like the opportunity to remain cranky and be a miserable person until at least 10.

Perhaps she's telling her fans that she is not a Morning Person and that she really doesn't want inspirational quotes before she is awake and has had her morning coffee. Of course, one can imagine that Frankel will be back to sharing quotes sooner rather than later.

Do you think inspirational quotes can quickly become too much if you read too many? Do you think she's poking fun at herself for sharing too many inspirational quotes?