Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell recently split and now the fans are wondering if he could ever be cast as "The Bachelor" once again. People shared that ben is speaking out and sharing his thoughts about possibly doing it again. In a recent post on his blog, The Mahogany Workplace, Ben shared all of his thoughts on if he would ever be "The Bachelor."

Ben Higgins doesn't hold back on his thoughts

Ben explained that he might do it, but just not yet. He started out saying, "At this point in my life I do not believe I’m ready to be the bachelor again.

However, with that being said, a lesson I’ve learned over the last few years: Don’t close doors to any possibilities." It really does sound like Ben isn't saying no, but he is saying not right now. Lauren is already dating someone new, but Ben doesn't seem quite ready to move on and start dating again.

Ben Higgins even went on to say that in the past he has said "never," but then a few months later ended up doing whatever he was talking about when he said never. Ben has learned not to say "never," but instead he is saying "not right now."

Is Ben ready to date again?

Ben Higgins went on to explain that he isn't quite ready for another relationship that takes part in the public eye. He also knows that he would get a really hard time if he did the show again and he isn't sure about that either.

Ben Higgins just seems ready to have a bit of privacy and signing on to be "The Bachelor" would not give him that at all.

Right now, Ben is staying really busy. He works at a software company as the vice president of business development with Talisys, and he is also doing a blog. Ben has a great podcast called "Almost Famous" that he does with Ashley Iaconetti.

The fans love that they bring on a lot of past contestants of the show.

Ben made it pretty clear that he won't be "The Bachelor" next season, but you never know what will happen in the future. The next season of the show will start filming really soon and will actually air in January of 2018. The viewers are just going to have to wait and see who ABC decides to cast in that role.

They haven't made a decision yet or if they have they haven't shared it with the fans. There is a lot of speculation and Ben's name is one that keeps coming up.

Are you shocked to hear that Ben Higgins doesn't want to be "The Bachelor" right now? Do you think that he will ever do it? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" on Mondays on ABC.