Chris Harrison is not giving up hope that the summertime reality show, “Bachelor in Paradise,” will return to TV at some point. On the heels of an alleged sex scandal that rocked the ABC reality show and forced production in Mexico to abruptly shut down, Harrison told Us Weekly that the decision to suspend filming was only to ensure “the safety and care of the cast and crew” of the show.

An investigation is underway

Harrison explained that Warner Bros. is handling details of the investigation of the incident that allegedly occurred between “Bachelor in Paradise” cast mates Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson in a pool at the Mexican resort the show was being filmed at.

Harrison said the company is moving rapidly to gather all the details regarding the alleged incident, and once that is done a clear decision can be made about the future of the show. In a statement to Us magazine, Harrison said he sincerely hopes that producers can come to a quick resolution regarding the incident and that everyone will be able to get back to work very soon.

Insiders close to the ABC reality show have said that Olympios was too intoxicated to consent to a steamy hookup with Jackson and that a producer became uncomfortable with the situation. The producer reportedly made allegations of “misconduct in the workplace,” which prompted the abrupt production shut down and investigation.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” crew and all 16 cast members were sent home last weekend.

Jackson’s surprising reaction

In a surprising twist, DeMario Jackson seems unfazed by the scandal. Just days after the cast was sent home from Mexico, the reality star told Entertainment Tonight he thinks Corinne is “an awesome girl” and he thanked fans for their support.

Jackson reportedly believes he will be proven innocent of any wrongdoing when Warner Bros. views the show footage. A source told Us Weekly that Jackson is in good spirits despite the fact that he is being portrayed in a negative light because he knows he didn’t do anything wrong. Corinne Olympios has not publicly spoken out about the incident.

Meanwhile, Chris Harrison continues to urge viewers of the show to be patient until the investigation is complete. Harrison also apologized for the inconvenience and disappointment the unexpected halt in production has caused for the “Bachelor in Paradise” crew and fans.

“Bachelor in Paradise” was originally slated to premiere its fourth season in late June on ABC. There is no word what show the network will air in its place.