Ariana Grande was due to perform in Vietnam on August 23 when she released news that her concert had been canceled. The singer has not been performing to her normal standards as of late and while the news came as a huge disappointment to fans it was not exactly a surprise. Grande revealed that she was dealing with health issues and apologized profusely to her fans.

The singer canceled only hours before she was due to appear

According to the Daily Mail, Ariana Grande canceled her concert in Vietnam only hours before she was due to appear on stage.

The concert was scheduled for the Quan Khu 7 Stadium on August 23 but Grande took to social media to explain that she had to cancel her concert due to ill health.

Her fans from Vietnam were extremely disappointed especially as many of them were at the venue when the news that the concert had been canceled first came through. This concert was due to be part of Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour, which first started back in February of 2017.

Grande was criticized only last week for her attitude while performing in South Korea as the organizers claimed that she was cold and distant with her fans. In a report by NME, Tae-young who is the chief executive of the company, which organized the concert, claimed that Grande was extremely rude.

He stated that she arrived seconds before she was due to go on stage and left immediately after the concert was over.

Earlier this year Ariana Grande's Manchester concert was targeted by a suicide bomber, who ended up killing and injuring several people who attended the singer's performance. One has to wonder what effects this had on Grande and if her recent behavior is a reflection of the trauma caused by this event.

Grande took to social media to apologize to her fans

According to Entertainment Online, Ariana Grande took to Instagram and left a heartfelt message for her fans once the news that the concert was canceled broke. She stated that she apologized sincerely and unfortunately, she could not perform as she was dealing with some health issues.

The star was already in Vietnam and it is clear that she intended on performing on the 23 of August. Grande went on to explain that she was extremely excited to perform and to see her fans, however, her doctor had strongly advised that she not perform on the night of her concert.

Grande apologized once more in her message to her fans and stated that she hated to cancel on them. She emphasized that she will make it up to her fans in the future and thanked them for their constant support and love.

Grande has not revealed that exact reason as to why she had to cancel her concert and fans are wondering if the trauma of the Manchester attack is still affecting the singer.