The news has been confirmed that "Miami Vice" is finally returning on TV. Hollywood Reporter has reported that Once Race Television, vin diesel's production company, is working together with Chris Morgan for the said upcoming TV reboot. In addition, it has been revealed that the highly anticipated cop drama series is now in works and is expected to air on NBC.

To recall, Diesel and Morgan have been working together for the "Fast and Furious" movie sequel. Hence, both of them already had developed the best working relationship with each other. As per initial details, it has been learned that Peter Macmanus has been eyed to pen the script for the TV show.

Meanwhile, Diesel and Morgan are also among the executive producers of the series.

Diesel's first deal

According to Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming reboot for "Miami Vice" is apparently Diesel's first closed deal together with Universal Television. It was also revealed that it was the "Fast And Furious" actor who has come up with the idea to revive the said TV show. Further, Diesel was reported appealing to NBC through the network president, Jennifer Salke.

Meanwhile, the upcoming TV show will also mark Diesel's biggest scripted TV project ever recorded so far. Hence, "Miami Vice" is another series of NBC that viewers must have to look forward to.

Five-season ran

Before the news about the TV reboot, it can be recalled that "Miami Vice" has run for five straight seasons on NBC from 1984-1989.

Further, the previous series used to star Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as the undercover detectives. The series centers on the story of the cops who used to solve challenging cases and crimes.

During its run, the show has been recognized in 2006 and has gained a feature film take from Michael Mann.

The film was produced by Universal Pictures which both starred Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx.

Apparently, the upcoming "Miami Vice" is slated to be the first major TV reboot to be developed this year in NBC. It has been reported that TV show revivals have been in high demands lately and the said series has been lucky to be included among the rosters of shows.

Apart from "Miami Vice," other networks are also planning to air other TV show revivals like "Dynasty," "Roseann," and "Will and Grace." Amid the news, NBC is yet to give further details about the upcoming series. Nevertheless, it would be expected that the said TV reboot is another show that is worth waiting for.