Luann D'Agostino didn’t write a blog about last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New York,” but she decided to tweet out a simple thing that essentially described the entire episode. On Twitter, she shared the statement “these are my friends," hinting that this is the way her friends were treating her after the Thomas D’Agostino cheating scandal last year.

Luann was married on New Year's Eve last year but she had invited no one from the cast except Dorinda Medley, who was the one who had initially set them up. Many of the housewives were upset about not being invited to the wedding because they all had their suspicions about Thomas cheating with other women once again.

However, they did feel odd about having to host her and throw her a party after the wedding. She wanted to be treated like a bride despite them not being invited to the wedding.

Are her co-stars her true friends?

They felt it was odd that she wanted to be treated like a bride, considering none of the ladies had been invited to the wedding. She hadn't invited them to the wedding because she didn't want any drama at her nuptials. She just wanted to have a great time at her wedding. One can imagine that it would be awkward for Thomas to get married to Luann, given that Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan were both past lovers.

While it sounds like Luann is getting plenty of support from fans these days, as they are both surprised and shocked at how her "Real Housewives of New York" co-stars are treating her, on Twitter, many fans reacted to her tweet, sharing their thoughts about how her friends were practically her enemies and questioning every decision she was making in regard to her husband.

Luann just wants her co-stars to forget the cheating

Several fans wrote to her that they would hate to see what Luann’s enemies look like if this is the way her friends are treating her. One can imagine that she is definitely upset about how things are unfolding and she wishes that they would be more supportive.

She has forgiven her husband for cheating on her before they got married last year, and she wants her friends to be just as forgiving.

However, Ramona Singer has hinted that she knows Thomas is cheating on her since they've gotten married, but she hasn't actually said anything.

What do you think about Luann D'Agostino's tweet about how her supposed friends are treating her? Do you think she needs to find friends elsewhere outside of “The Real Housewives of New York” circle? Do you think she needs to listen to the warnings about Thomas?