Amy Duggar King is speaking out and isn't holding back at all about the way she lives her life. She is often compared to the Duggar family of "19 Kids and Counting." They are her cousins, but Amy isn't like them at all. The Hollywood Gossip shared that Amy went to her social network to defend herself. It all started when she posted a picture of herself with her husband Dillon King. They were kissing each other and he had his hand on her butt. People started giving her a hard time about it.

What did Amy say to defend herself?

Amy Duggar King actually defended herself and made it sound like she used to get upset when people gave her a hard time about living a different life than her family, but now she doesn't care.

Amy lives her own life. She dated before marriage and even wears a bikini. She isn't like the rest of the Duggars and she is fine with it being that way.

Amy responded to a comment saying, "I call it flirting, besides nobody was around! He doesn’t just grab my butt walking through Wal-Mart ha!" The thing is she did share it on her social network for the entire world to see. Amy said that she has changed and then went on to say, "you know staying home & sewing skirts and memorizing the whole Bible in a day is definitely my lifestyle.” Everyone obviously knows that this isn't what Amy Duggar does.

Amy just doesn't want to be compared

The big thing that Amy wanted everyone to know is that she doesn't want to be compared at all.

Amy thinks that it is "ridiculous" to not wear a swimsuit in the pool. She isn't going to wear a t-shirt and shorts. Amy also said she loves to go out for a glass of wine, she listens to music, but she also loves Jesus. Amy doesn't feel like she is living her life wrong at all and she is just enjoying herself with her husband.

Amy Duggar King is speaking out and she just wants to be thought of as a person who happens to be a Duggar. Amy isn't on the show "Counting On," but she does show up from time to time. She also did have a few specials on TLC that showed all about her life and how she is doing. Amy doesn't really live her life any different than normal people, just different than the Duggars do.

It is okay for her to be her own person.

Are you shocked to hear what Amy Duggar King had to say about her cousins and how she lives her life? Do you feel like they would be upset if they heard what she had to say? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC.