It looks like luck in love is not on Amber Heard's side as her relationship with Elon Musk is reportedly over. According to US Magazine, the two have called it quits after a year of dating because of their busy schedule. Musk is a business mogul who has to go on international business meetings most of the time, while Heard is also preparing to head back to Australia for the upcoming filming of the new movie "Aquaman" in October. Apparently, the 31-year old actress isn't happy feeling second priority in Musk's life and has decided to focus on her career, which she feels is just starting to blossom.

Heard and Musk first met on the set of "Machete Kills" in 2013.

It is a known fact that before she got in a relationship with Elon Musk, Amber Heard has been struggling with her relationship with Johnny Depp. They had a high-profile legal battle that eventually ended in divorce. She and Johnny Depp were married for only 15 months.

The time is not right

Fans of Amber Heard were devastated when they found out that she and Elon Musk were no longer a couple. It was partially because Musk was considered to be the knight in shining armor, saving Heard from the distress and debris of her failed marriage with Johnny Depp.

Unlike her relationship with Depp, her aura when she was with Musk was light and bubbly and fans noticed that she looked genuinely happy.

Amber Heard is not the first actress that the business mogul dated. In fact, it was only in November 2016, that his divorce with his second wife, "Pride and Prejudice" actress, Talulah Riley, was finalized.

Third-party woes

Every time a celebrity couple breaks up, fans immediately try to check if there's a third party involved.

In Amber Heard and Elon Musk's case, the chances of a third party being the cause of their breakup are pretty low. As mentioned earlier, the busy schedule of the former couple is considered to be the main reason for their split.

Some naysayers have initially commented that their relationship did not really get a good start because when they first went public, both of them were still in the process of divorce from their former partners.

However, the two shrugged off all the negative comments and pushed through with their relationship.

According to E! Online, although they were already posting photos of them going on dates and important events, their public sightings came to a halt in May. As of writing, reps for Amber Heard and Elon Musk have yet to comment on the breakup news.