Actress Amber Heard and Tesla founder Elon Musk have ended their months-long relationship. The two took to their social media accounts to confirm the Break-up and the cause of their split.

People reported that Heard posted a photo of her comparing herself to Ariel of the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” Musk then called Heard cute then posted another statement, which was lengthier. Musk said although he and Heard have broken up, they remain as friends, are close, and still love one another.

What the reason of the split is according to Musk

According to Us Weekly, Musk also cleared that the reason behind the split was their long distance relationship.

The two have “intense work obligations” and they could not make their schedules work for their relationship. He also contemplated on the possibility of getting back together in the future as he said in his comment that no one knows what the future holds.

Heard responds

Heard posted another photo on her Instagram account showing a pool that had flower arrangements around it spelling the words give, love, and joy. She wrote in the caption alongside the photo that being in the public eye means having to explain herself to so many people all the time. However, regarding her break-up, she said she wants to remain quiet. She echoed Musk's comments that despite their split, they care deeply for one another and remain close.

She thanked people who support and respect them as well as those who have respected their wishes for their privacy during the “difficult, very human times.”

Sources back tight schedule claim as reason for break-up

Sources close to the former couple said that Heard and Musk had fun for a few months but both are now very busy with their own jobs.

It was already difficult to see each other especially because Musk is working day and night.

The insider claimed that Musk ended the relationship because he could not give up his lifestyle noting that he loves working all day.

It is unclear for how many months the two dated and when exactly did they call it quits. The two first sparked dating rumors when they were spotted together last year months after she and Johnny Depp separated.

Depp and Heard’s divorce was finalized just this January. Musk, on the other hand, has been divorced from his second wife since last year.

Accordingly, Musk already had an interest in Heard in 2013 but it was not the right time. They were both single last year so they got together and Musk was the one who pursued the actress romantically.